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Hi, Im Fathan.

I'm Software Engineer

My name is Muhammad Fathan Aulia you can call me Fathan. I am a graduate student at Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA University, majoring in Informatics Engineering. I like the challenges and new things I can learn. I am so enthusiastic about programming and software development. I have developed excellent programming and analytics skills and supplemented these skills through my competency in software development. In my life, I am always positive thinking and enjoy what I am doing. Finish what has become your responsibility, do it thoroughly and do your best. Nice to meet you!

What I Do.

Im doing coding for living, im professional programmer and there's no other programmer more professional than me. I can program everthing you want, just tell me what you want and i will make it happen, i will make your dream come true. I doesn't need a team, i can do everything alone. I love eat and sleep, but if there a project i not gonna sleep until the project completed, i short tamper, i will destroy you if you disturbing when i still write a code.

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